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Best of the Blog—Year ONE

We’re celebrating!

My baby just turned one year old! And though she’s a blog, her first year of life reminds me of what it’s like to welcome and nurture a human baby.

The cycle of researching, reading, thinking, typing, deleting, and retyping is the equivalent of diapering, feeding, playing, singing, rocking, and re-diapering. The work can be intense, but in both scenarios, it’s love and purpose that keep you going each week.

And when we get to share that oh-so-special part of our lives with others, and see them welcome with joy our bundle of joy, we know we’ve done some good in this world.

So with deep gratitude for your support, I’d love to celebrate both you and the blog with a look back at some of its best moments from the past year.

As I reviewed my collection of articles, three themes emerged:

    1. Personal Power
    2. Practical Life Tips
    3. Presence and Gratitude

And because I’m a quote collector, our look back is a mini library of some of my favorites. Feel free to read start to finish or pick the theme that speaks to you. And when you find an intriguing title, just click on it to read the whole blog post.

Here we go!

Personal Power

September 5, 2018“Three Hidden Chances to Celebrate You”

“Maybe you have just one or two fish in your pond. That doesn’t lessen your impact on them, nor does it mean you shouldn’t celebrate the difference you’re making. . . . These small-pond actions often make the biggest impact. And as our fish carry that love with them into the world, who knows how far it could reach.”


September 12, 2018:  “Outsourcing Confidence? There’s a Better Supplier.”

“Just take a look at the baby Christmas trees in the photo—we all know these trees have a purpose. We don’t question whether the trees are good enough for their purpose. We don’t give the smaller ones disapproving glances because they’re at a different growth stage.

Instead, we’re confident that they’re exactly where they’re meant to be. That when December comes, they’ll be ready.”


October 10, 2018“Four Life Lessons from the Police Station”

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but who is? Not even Oprah is beloved by all. But it’s our job to serve those who want refills of our tea and not to despair over those who prefer coffee.”


October 31, 2018“Two Insights from Nature’s Exclusive Social Network”

“Connection is vital to thriving. Sure, you can survive on your own, but you won’t achieve that level of fullness or purpose that you cultivate in connection with others. Just like trees, we nurture each other through our human network.”


January 9, 2019“Thirty-Nine and Right on Time”

Sometimes feeling stuck means there’s still a lesson we need to learn before moving to the next level. Learn it and we’re free to advance.”



 April 18, 2018“A Three-Step Plan for Thriving in Any Crazy Schedule”

I mentally set three buckets in my mind: loved ones, purpose work, and chores (choose the number and categories that work for you). Then I go about my day filling the buckets. So, when my five-year-old interrupts my thoughts on this blog, I pull the “loved ones” bucket to the front and start pouring in the next five minutes with him.”


 May 2, 2018“Huh? Four Essentials for Every Aspiring Listener’s Toolkit”

Recognize and respect the three types of listening: to others, to your surroundings, to your inner world. Each has its time . . .”  (The perfect follow-up to the April 18th post; reference it when you can’t completely “switch buckets.”)


 July 18, 2018“Feeling Triggered? Follow One of These Two Directions”

“Back saves you from reacting so instead you can respond. It’s like stepping back from the Christmas tree to see where the next ornament needs to go; you can then step forward and confidently take the action.”


July 25, 2018“A Compassionate, Three-Step Way to Handle Tragedy”

“’How can I honor the lives lost and support the grieving survivors? This is when we look at our own loved ones and our lives and amp up the gratitude. It’s when we show up fully present in our interactions with them. It’s also when we show kindness to those we don’t know, as a way to balance the world’s new hurt with love. And it’s living purposefully and passionately. Doing these things says ‘I honor you by living fully and lovingly and by not taking for granted those treasures you have lost.’”


August 22, 2018“The Four-Point Rulebook of Yes and No”

“According to a Psychology Today article, the word No releases stress-producing hormones. To counteract this release, research points to following up negativity with 3-5 positive thoughts.

So when I declined the room parent position this school year for both of my kids’ classes, here’s what I could have followed up the mental No with:

-I’m saying Yes to my family.

-I’m saying Yes to my business.

-I’m saying Yes to being of service in my own way.

The takeaway? When the answer is No, have your Yes’s ready to go.”


 October 24, 2018“The Best Lesson from the Worst Job”

Negative language: ‘You forgot to hang your backpack up again. You have to be more responsible!’

+/Δ approach: ‘I love that you’re so creative and can’t wait to head upstairs to sketch your ideas. But it’s your responsibility to hang your backpack when we get home.’

Both options convey the message, but the negative one feels more like the person has a deficiency, like they’re not good enough as they are. That they need to BE something else.

The second approach first notices the good in the person, then points to the ACTION that needs improvement.”



May 16, 2018“Three Steps for Riding the Wave of Transition”

So these emotional waves just might be comprised of love, with a big percentage being gratitude for the wonder of the previous life phase. And if something love-based brings us to tears, that’s a-okay in my view. It doesn’t mean that we don’t possess peace; instead it means that we’ve lived so fully that our cup runneth over. Literally. And there is immense peace in that.”


June 13, 2018“The Formula for Raising Peaceful Children (and Adults)”

Once you’ve added equal parts presence and gratitude, you create peace. And that’s when it’s time to let go of the moment. You can put it on your memory shelf for safekeeping, but it’s not meant to be a place you dwell in for long stretches. It’s kind of like play-dough—we enjoy smooshing it and appreciate our colorful creations but when we’re done it’s time to disassemble the sculptures, putting each color back into its container. If we try to hold onto just one molded rainbow caterpillar until tomorrow, we’re left with a hard, crumbly mess.” 


September 19, 2018“A Birthday Distillation—Three Questions to Analyze Your Life’s Essence”

“It’s these milestone days that often prompt us to extract the filler stuff from the essence of our lives. When we’ve completed this process, holding the pure version in our minds, we just need to ask three questions. With whomever or whatever that essence is:

-Are we being present?

-Are we being grateful?

-Are we honoring our purpose? 


September 26, 2018“Finding Peace When Bad Things Happen”

“When we’re in a fear state, presence lets us check in with our bodies.

We can ask ‘Where am I feeling the fear?’ The answer might be tightness in the belly or shortness of breath in the chest. . . . Instead of feeling like this overwhelming negative thing has swallowed us whole, we can pinpoint its location. So we’re not really in the belly of this monster, we’re still here with our feet touching earth.

And we’re still us, one part of us just needs some loving attention.”


We’ve covered a lot of ground in a year, enjoying some insightful conversations in the comments and on social media, thanks to you!

I’m so grateful that you’ve taken time to read my blog, add your thoughts, and join this movement toward inner and outer peace. (And I appreciate your patience with—based on the number of times I wrote it—what must be my favorite phrase, “tip the scale toward the positive”.)

Here’s to entering the toddler years together!

Do you have a favorite We Bold Souls quote or article you’d include on the list? Add it below! 

And if you know someone who’d appreciate it, this is a great overview post to share with them–thanks in advance for passing it along!


  1. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    Felicitationes! I call my experience with reading your inspirations blogs ‘moments of impact’…that feeling when two molecules collide to create an amazing chemical bond…a stronger bond than before…a more beautiful and heartwarming experience…a positive experience that resonates and stays…

    I have immersed myself into each of your blogs, but one is stuck with me almost every day…with my birthday just a little more than 10 days away, I reread this blog…

    ~ January 9, 2019:  “Thirty-Nine and Right on Time”
    “Sometimes feeling stuck means there’s still a lesson we need to learn before moving to the next level. Learn it and we’re free to advance.” ~

    As I tell myself I am ‘still right on time at the age of 50 going on 51’

    I applaud your success in living your purpose…I am grateful that I can somehow be a part of it…may it be in the smallest or grandest of ways…I bring your world into
    mine…wherever I am…in whatever state I am in…I wish you continued success my brave and bold soul of a friend 💞

    Infanta Maria Cecilia Victoria
    ~ A Creative Journey Through Life ~

    • weboldsouls says:

      My heart is full after reading your touching comment, Maria! I’m so grateful for your presence and support on this journey. I, too, believe you’re right on time so keep sharing your gifts!

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