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Best of the Blog—Year TWO

Here’s to year two!

Like most nearly-two-year-olds, the blog had “its moments” this past year—it wanted freedom to explore, so I gave it space to grow.

The result?

A video version of the blog! I’ve enjoyed making and sharing these videos, and appreciate your embrace of them, too. Which is why you’ll find a couple below, along with a sampling of my picks for best of the blog, 2nd edition.

With three themes and twelve titles to choose from, I know you’ll find inspiration just right for you! (Click on the title for a link to the complete article/video.)




March 27, 2019: “The Six-Point Rulebook of Compliments

“A compliment is one piece of the truth of you. Receiving praise for one attribute doesn’t mean you’re deficient in others, and admiration directed at your neighbor doesn’t lessen your value and contributions. When accepting a compliment, listen to what there’s and not for what’s absent.”


April 3, 2019: “Three Shields to Block Bullying

Whatever’s going on in someone’s inner world bubbles up and gets expressed to their outer world. . . . Any fear-based emotion that comprises “hurt”—anxiety, fear, jealousy, stress, anger—can trigger bullying, abrasiveness, and negative misinterpretations. So people’s disrespectful words and actions really aren’t about us; we just happen to be in their path.”


August 21, 2019: “The School Slide—Avoiding School-Time Parenting Pitfalls

. . . when schedules begin to refill with homework and activities, and both bedtimes and morning departures are once again non-negotiable, parents can start to slip. We often shift focus toward the to-do’s, frequently leaving a trail of nagging, yelling, and unreachable standards.”


September 18, 2019: “Five Steps for Handling Criticism, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”

“Just like our horse heroes, we can sense “stormy weather,” which in this case refers to the intention behind the criticism. It’s the aura that surrounds a comment. So our job is to ask ourselves, ‘Is this person trying to be helpful or hurtful with their words?’”




April 17, 2019: “Phone Vs. Family—How to Win The Battle for Presence

When you feel the urge to check your phone, are you figuratively walking toward it or away from something or someone else?  An old boss cautioned me about this when I was considering transferring from a job I hated to an unrelated department within the company. So what about you, are you using your phone to get away from your kids, your thoughts, your life?”


June 12, 2019: “Four Truths to Stop Getting Tricked into Tears

Now remember your kids as toddlers or your life ten years ago. You may feel another heart pang realizing so much time has passed. But zoom in to individual moments and you’ll gain some perspective. Because when you live with presence and gratitude, life is full even in retrospect.”


August 28, 2019: “Pause the Moment: Rewind

“Though we do our best to be present and grateful, sometimes life rushes past. When it happens to you, just rewind a bit, put your five senses to work, and smile with gratitude as another moment takes its place on the shelf.”


November 6, 2019: “Not Just in Your Head—The Science of Gratitude”

“Gratitude feels great! But what’s really going on in our bodies when we’re feeling thankful? Find out in this 3-minute video, where you’ll also learn how to shift from an anxious to a grateful state of mind.”




May 8, 2019: Feel like You’re Failing? Check the Metric Instead.

Look at the standards you’re grading yourself against—are they relevant to you? They may be perfect for someone else but do you care about them? A good place to begin are those metrics that you may have accepted from others, such as what defines a good mom or what healthy looks like.”


July 24, 2019:Three Directions Every Purposeful Journey Needs

“Inward, we explore our true selves and discover our powers for good—in their rough, unfinished form. Outward, we use struggles as a polishing cloth for those powers, putting them into service as we continue our journey. But we’re not alone. Help arrives to keep us from falling into the pits until we reach the end—back home again.”


September 11, 2019: “The Case for You—40 Reasons You Matter”

“You smile—and it’s the joy someone needs to see.

You laugh—and it’s the joy someone needs to hear.

You hug—and it’s the joy someone needs to feel.”


January 15, 2020: “Offstage vs. Onstage: How Do We Own the Role We’re In?

“Between work and home, we all play numerous roles. So what happens when one of those roles feels unimportant? . . . This 3-minute video will guide you toward a perspective shift, including three steps for giving your best performance in whatever role you play.”

One last note before we wrap up Year 2 . . .

Connecting with you, my generous readers, continues to be such a joy in my life! I’m so grateful for the chance to create something that benefits you, and for the time you’ve invested in reading/watching what I’ve offered.

So, my fellow bold souls, onward to YEAR THREE!

Have a favorite We Bold Souls article you’d include on the list? Or a suggestion for a future topic? Add it below! 

And if you know someone who’d appreciate this content, please share it with them–thanks in advance!