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Better Together: Are We Doing a Good Job?

Anyone else love to have multiple books going at the same time? I find sometimes they hold messages that, when paired, deliver an even bigger impact than either could on its own.

So might the same be true for this blog? Could I pair previous posts to bring you more insight than when each was first published? Let’s find out . . .

We’ll kick things off with “Feel like You’re Failing? Check the Metric Instead.” for a three-step process, beginning with a reminder that evaluating ourselves starts by only looking at the metrics important to us.

This is especially relevant right now, when many of us are dealing with more—and scarier things—than we’re used to. We can’t do it all, so knowing what counts in our books helps big-time.

Then we move to “Pause the Moment: Late-Night Lives,” our “better together pairing.” This mini-blog from last July warmed my heart when I re-read it today.

It was like a pep talk to my soul, reminding me that I don’t have to be perfect every minute of every day to be doing a good job with what’s most important to me. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of presence at the close of a tiring day . . .

So, please enjoy this pairing, and I hope you find these two blog posts really are better together.

Did you like this pairing? Want to see more? Let me know in the comments below!