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Nature’s Advice for Steadying an Unbalanced Life

One of the many “balancing acts” along the trail.

“Too much.”

“Not enough.”

Are either of these the anthem of your current life? I mean, it is December, so I’ll assume we’re all struggling at least a little with balance right now.

But what advice would Nature give on this topic? Well, I had lots of time to contemplate this about a week and a half ago on an extended-weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona.

Because when you’re in Sedona, you can’t escape Nature. It rises around you, forming the most spectacular red-hued backdrop.

It’s all you can see and all you want to see. Yet there’s something deeper going on than just superficial beauty. Read more

Inspired Talent + Desire + Service = Your Magical Performance

We can’t all be on-stage performers, amazing thousands, but each of us can use our lives to create magical performances. It’s a simple combination of helping others by doing something that we love and are good at.

Sounds simple in theory, but how do we even go about finding this “mysterious something?”

This 3-minute video will get you started, and it begins with a special birthday gift I finally got to enjoy . . . Read more

The Big Picture—What Stargazing Reveals About Our Lives


When humans look at the night sky, we feel wonder. A collective curiosity to better understand what’s out there. So, with telescopes, we try to pull the stars and planets to us.

It makes sense, right? The closer we get to something, the more we can learn about it and appreciate it.

So why does life seem to work in the opposite way? Why is it that the more we zoom in on life, the more easily we can let it pass unappreciated? Read more

A Video about Letting Go

Inspiration hits in unlikely places. In my case, the kitchen sink!

See the insight washing dishes inspired in me, and how you can use it to let go of fear-based thoughts and emotions.

(Note: This is a high-level, 2-minute overview to provide a new perspective on the basic concept. If you’d like to go deeper, acknowledge not only the emotion but also where it is in the body. And try expanding gratitude to appreciate what that emotion is teaching you or your perseverance through prior similar situations.)

Read more

Four Life Lessons from the Police Station—Volume II

I try to follow the law, but once again found myself at the police station Saturday. . .

. . . for the Kirkwood Police Department Open House!

My second appearance at this annual community showcase, I applied my insights from the 2018 event in hopes of creating a more successful display this year.

So, to build on those learnings and to keep this blog’s tradition alive, here are 2019’s four life lessons from the police station: Read more

Two Essentials for Compelling the Hurricane Within

“The Hurricane Within”

Catastrophic, devastating, monstrous—all labels we’d use for hurricanes. But couldn’t we also use the following?

Strong. Resilient. Capable.

Qualities we humans covet.

So how about compelling a hurricane within ourselves that instead of destruction, leaves goodness in its wake? One built on strength, resilience, and capability.

My instincts say it’s possible, especially when we check out these facts:

    • Hurricanes form over warm water.1
    • Humans are up to 60% warm water.2

See? The science suggests that, just like hurricanes, we’re primed to become forces of nature. But without the following two essentials, it’s not happening for the storms . . . or for us: Read more

Life’s Instruction Manual—It Does Exist!

On my family room bookshelves rest two similar paintings. At first glance, they’re nearly identical. But then you realize they’re more like fraternal twins.

    1. One boasts uniform red, yellow, and orange leaves; the other haphazard swipes of the same hues, with a little green, too.
    2. And one blends its colors, while the other sports individual brush strokes.

So would it surprise you that both artists received the same instructions?

However, one heard the assigned colors and thought adding green leaves would capture summer’s transition to fall. And the other listened to the brush technique and opted for a more uniform look.

Same instructions. Different interpretations. Equal importance.

And that leads us to my version of life’s instruction manual, which states the following: Read more

Five Steps for Handling Criticism, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

This blog post’s star and inspiration . . .

I’ve got a soft spot for North Carolina—both my babies were born there—and for animals. So I was cheering when the wild horses on NC’s Outer Banks survived the recent hurricane.

Actually, their survival wasn’t unexpected—their group’s been riding out severe storms for hundreds of years.1 The crazy part’s how they did it and how any of this applies to handling criticism.

First, how did they do it? Read more

The Case for You—40 Reasons You Matter

“The Year of 40”

When you speak best through written words, like I do, special gifts tend to take that form too. So it makes sense that this year, “the year of 40,” I’ve begun a new tradition built on words.

Lists, in fact.

My best friend’s 40th gift? “40 Reasons Why You Rock.” And my hubby’s earned the title “Forty Reasons Why I Love You.”

So as I pondered my turn in the 40th birthday spotlight this coming Sunday, I thought about the forty things I’d include on my own list. And how that might make an interesting blog post.

But something was missing. Read more