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Straight From the Nineties: An Anthem for the Times

I wasn’t looking for a pandemic anthem but a couple weeks ago the perfect song auditioned unsolicited. What I heard in it was a rallying cry and what I felt in it was the power to unite.

“What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes—it might just be our anthem for the times.

It was already a favorite, but this filter we’re now experiencing life through reveals new depths in the familiar.

So here’s my take on the lyrics so many of us love and why I’m nominating “What’s Up?” for our pandemic anthem: Read more

The Podcast Edition (a.k.a. Screen Break)

How are you?

That may seem like a loaded question these days, but it’s also a reminder that even we caretakers need to be cared for. Because if we let our emotions and worries go unaddressed, we can’t give our best to those who need us.

Dealing with emotions is just one of the topics I covered as a guest on the podcast Intentional Conversations with Melanie Scott (available anywhere you listen to podcasts, episode #46, or on her website). What I love about her show is that it feels like an organic conversation . . . because it is! Read more

The Identity of Change: Inner vs. Outer

“The Desk”

It rests in a corner of my living room, close enough to see a view of the yard through the nearby sliding glass doors. With a carved wooden border and detailed metal knobs, it’s a stunning secretary desk that gets only more beautiful knowing it used to be my grandpa’s. During the sixteen years it’s been with me, the desk has served three important roles: Read more

Best of the Blog—Year TWO

Here’s to year two!

Like most nearly-two-year-olds, the blog had “its moments” this past year—it wanted freedom to explore, so I gave it space to grow.

The result?

A video version of the blog! I’ve enjoyed making and sharing these videos, and appreciate your embrace of them, too. Which is why you’ll find a couple below, along with a sampling of my picks for best of the blog, 2nd edition.

With three themes and twelve titles to choose from, I know you’ll find inspiration just right for you! (Click on the title for a link to the complete article/video.) Read more

In a Funk? A Solution to This Three-Part Equation

It manifests in my life as overwhelm + mental blocks + self-doubt. And it equals this:


Mentally, that’s where I’m at as I type. Tuesday, 7:40 pm. Less than 24 hours before I’ll publish this blog.

Waiting until now to start writing makes me nervous, but lately I’ve been struggling to balance life. And it’s my work that I’ve neglected.

See, a big shift’s on its way . . . Read more

Offstage vs. Onstage: How Do We Own the Role We’re In?

Between work and home, we all play numerous roles. So what happens when one of those roles feels unimportant? If it’s not one we auditioned for, how do we own it?

This 3-minute video will guide you toward a perspective shift, including three steps for giving your best performance in whatever role you play. And it starts with another kitchen-sink inspiration . . . Read more