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Pause the Moment: Annoying . . . Or Creative?

Not even sure I should call this version “chess.”

I like to win but really hate to lose. I’ve tried to force this part of me out, but it refuses.

It’s been with me since childhood, when I cheated at board games and left the room crying after a bad round of Uno.

Though usually hidden, a chess match with my 6-year-old surfaced this pettiness. Read more

Pause the Moment: Hidden in the Familiar


Ever pass something dozens of times until one day it quietly steps into your field of presence? This happened to me last weekend just outside my favorite place for an iced almond milk latte.

I was on an early morning Father’s Day coffee mission but something about this familiar plant made me stop. And I realized the magic I’d mindlessly passed during so many previous visits: Read more

Pause the Moment: “Dining” with Kids

“Dinner Time”

What pairs with teriyaki salmon? BBQ sauce, if you ask my six-year-old. So there on the table lay the wrapper from the brand new bottle, and what did my mind pair with that? The props game from Whose Line Is It Anyway? of course!

If you’re not familiar, the game’s goal is to use a random item in creative ways, and the show’s goal is to make you laugh.

So mid-dinner, we played round one of The Meyer Family Props Game. And in those few moments, here’s what I captured: Read more

Beyond Talent—Three Qualities to Cultivate

“Time to Cultivate”

I remember two things about watching The Wizard of Oz as a kid:

    1. My little brother so terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West he left the room crying.
    2. The underwhelming effect of seeing the whole movie on a black-and-white TV set.

But I loved the film anyway. And today I’m loving that its characters and what they represent found their way into this blog post.

It all started at the annual talent show tryouts last Thursday at my kids’ elementary school.

It was the first year my 8-year-old wanted to give it a try, and I expected, of course, to feel proud of my little girl and her two friends as they danced to Demi Lovato’s “Confident.”

But I also witnessed three other things that topped off my pride tank: Read more

A Dog, A Baby, and A Rivalry: The Precursor to Purpose?

Where were you a decade ago? Were the makings of your purpose slowly coming to life? In line with my perfectly illogical career path, I was testing my reporting skills with a human interest piece (not commissioned, by the way). So, a full ten years before We Bold Souls was born, there I was, trying to figure out my purpose and hoping I’d find it in writing.

To honor that brave girl, I’m publishing her piece verbatim. It’s a small moment narrative, a look at one beautiful section of life that would have likely gone unnoticed had I not already known subconsciously the power of paying attention to the little things. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


Attention non-believers: There does exist a single source of music that appeals to the young, old and everyone in between, including perpetually negative teens. It’s the one and only Beatles–or any of their equally impressive tribute bands. The Sun Kings, in the latter role, rocked the huge crowd of San Mateo suburbanites who had gathered for the free Central Park concert.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Fans, from kids to grandparents, filled the dance floor, some with stars in their eyes as if they were just feet away from the real Paul and Ringo. From the energetic numbers to the arm-swaying ballads, the Sun Kings did not disappoint.

The only one who did not seem amused was the oversized dog with the friendly countenance, seated on the blanket in front of mine. Locked in a battle of dog versus baby, he seemed unaffected by the upbeat melodies emanating from the nearby stage.

Instead, he sadly waited for attention from his mom, whose gaze met only her human baby’s eyes except for a warning glance when other dogs approached. But the dog merely shifted his eyes when they neared; he seemed too preoccupied pondering what had gone so wrong with the family dynamic.

Once, I caught him staring intently at the baby as if to discover what was so special about the little furless rival. But, in the spirit of love inspired by the classic Beatles tunes in the background, two young girls eagerly trotted to the dog’s side and asked for permission to pet.

If I were the official scorekeeper for the night, the results would be as follows: The Sun Kings, winner of “Best Free Concert (I’ve ever been to)” and “Dog,” winner of the dog vs. baby battle. After all, no one asked to pet the baby.

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