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What does becoming a bold soul mean to you? I believe that each person’s story is beautiful and adds value to this community. So why not share it?

I’d love to read about your journey toward living a peaceful, balanced, regret-free life, regardless of where you’re at in the process. Or submit a moment-in-time portrait showing how presence, gratitude, or purpose have shown up in your life. It could be a big, joyful moment, a painful learning experience, or even one of those deceptively mundane events that fill our days.

I’ll publish it here because your story may be just the inspiration someone has been waiting for! 

Feel free to post below, or submit through email or stamped mail. Please remember to abide by the following rules. 

Community Rules:

Spread love, not hate. That means be kind and don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want someone to write to or about you.

Be honest and authentic. We love you just the way you are, no embellishment needed.

Keep it clean. This is a website dedicated to presence, gratitude, peace, and purpose–nothing vulgar, please. 

**If you choose to break these rules, the consequences will be removal of your post and a possible block to your future posts. Please don’t make me do this, I’d really rather not!**

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