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Given Up on Your Purpose? Start With Pursuit.

Imagine this: Your boss is launching a new program at work called “Pursuit Week,” and you are the guinea pig. Your job is to choose something outside of work that interests you and to pursue it for a full five-day work week. Do you celebrate or panic?

The celebratory camp can identify with one of these:

  • “I find ___________ so interesting and I’d LOVE to learn more about it!”
  • “I’m passionate about ___________ and I’ve been wanting to discover its relationship to my purpose. This is my chance to try out some ideas!”

The panicked group sounds like this:

  • “My life revolves around work and my kids’ activities; I have no idea what I’m passionate about. Is sleep an option?”
  • “A whole work week? It’s kind of a waste for something that won’t amount to anything once the week is over. What’s the point?”

Let me be clear—it’s okay and quite normal NOT to know your life’s passion and purpose. (I didn’t figure mine out until recently and I’d been actively searching for years.) But if you’re leaning toward camp two, it may be that the distinction between “passion and purpose” and “pursuit” is a bit blurry. So let’s take a look.

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You are here for a purpose but the process of discovering its identity is necessary preparation. This period is overflowing with experiences, lessons, ideas, and people that are essential to carrying out your role. And this process of getting to passion and purpose is called pursuit.

Pursuit is like being an investigative reporter or a detective—you pay attention and follow the clues, even the small ones. Like maybe on your morning commute you pass a little antique shop that prompts the daily thought “I should really go in there one day.” Go in there already! Maybe the next clue is waiting for you inside.

So today I challenge you to start your pursuit:

  1. Choose one of your daily activities during which you’ll focus on being fully present and open to your heart’s requests. Listen to your heart when it whispers a suggestion, take the step, and repeat as often as you hear that inner voice.
  2. Say “thank you” when each clue appears. This may be a gradual process, but think of it as collecting the ingredients for a deliciously passionate, purposeful life. And for that, we should give thanks.
  3. Feel the peace of a bold journey just begun…and enjoy the trip!

Has your heart been trying to get your attention? What’s one step you’re ready to take as you kick off your pursuit toward purpose? Leave a comment below!

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