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How To Fit One Hundred Years into Four Buckets

One cool bear…

One hundred.

A celebrated number in elementary school, as in the one hundredth day of school. Kids wear glasses formed from the number 100, draw what they’ll look like as 100-year-olds, and journal what they think life will be like in 100 years.

So in honor of this special day, I thought we’d play along. Sound good? Okay, let’s take a little journey into the future…

Happy Birthday!

You’ve made it to the century mark! You’re resting in your rocking chair, cozy by the fire, and before your party guests arrive, you start reflecting.

You reach for the journal and pen on the table beside you and begin to record your 100-year journey.

The journal prompts you with just four questions:

1.      How have you made others feel?

2.      How have you been of service to the world?

3.      Which checkboxes important to you remain unchecked?

4.      Which checkboxes important to God remain unchecked?

You breathe deeply, click open the pen, and start distilling 100 years into four answers…

Welcome Back!

How was the future?

I hope you grabbed that journal because I’m challenging you to answer those four questions, not as 100-year-old you but rather just as the age you are.

When you’re finished writing, look for the wisdom in your responses. This innate guidance will steer your choices down paths you’ll be proud of. Paths that’ll leave you feeling satisfied and peaceful in your rocker.

It helps me to think of the four questions as four corresponding buckets, each labeled with a single word:

1.      LOVE

2.      SERVICE

3.      JOY

4.      PURPOSE

A life well-lived—at any age—will have four mostly full buckets.


You can spread love, help others, feel joyful, and be aligned with the higher plan at any stage in life. Even if you haven’t fully stepped into your purpose. Even if you haven’t made it to Paris yet.

The secret is to work toward goals but find gratitude in where you are.

 Your Return Trip

One hundred may seem FOR-EV-ER from now, but we all know how speedy time is. And we also know that 100 is not a guarantee.

So as you make your return trip to the future, back to that cozy rocking chair, carry the journal with you and reevaluate often.

Oh, and make sure to save some room in your carry-on for those buckets.

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