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Is Home A Place, A Person, or A Feeling? Some Thoughts on Moving On

A modern home by a budding young architect–just give her a few years!

HOME. It’s been the topic of conversation in my thoughts as I’m set for a summer visit to a city I used to call home. I feel as if it’s held a spot for me, just in case I’d change my mind on the move. But moving has defined my life.

I always knew I wanted to set sail from my childhood nest in Missouri, in search of adventures and fresh perspectives. And I found just that in San Francisco. It was a time of extreme experiences and when I think of my home there I feel like I’m rediscovering a magical part of me that missed the flight to my next destination. A part of me that religiously set aside time to dream, to really connect with my hubby, to nourish my soul by indulging my interests—a lighter me. So this is my fairy tale castle (shrunk to 650 square feet).

Onward to Durham. Thoughts of this home fill me with big love from little humans. This is the place where my babies’ journeys began (my daughter still says she’s from here but lives in St. Louis). I feel steeped in family—biological and chosen—when North Carolina comes to mind, but I also know this is where my own journey inward really took form. So it’s my home of many births.

And then there’s my current home of St. Louis, which is also the starting point of my adult life and where both sides of my family live (plus or minus a few miles). Completing the circle by returning here is a bit surreal. I’m still me but in some areas almost unrecognizable from “pre-move Angela,” so it’s as if two versions of me have come to rest in one location. But it was time to return, that I’m sure of, and the two years since have offered me precious little moments with my big family and a foundation for my business. So this is my anchor home, one with quite a lengthy rope.

But if I close my eyes and imagine San Francisco, Durham, and St. Louis I can picture myself creating a forever life in any of them. I could be home in each.

So I think home is a feeling. It’s where you find connection, love, and growth. It’s where dreams ignite. It’s where friends become family or family becomes friends. And that’s why there’s not just one home for me, and maybe not for you either.

So be bold if life is calling you to a new place, literal or otherwise. And know that if you keep growing, seek connection, and journey with love, you’ll find HOME wherever you go.

What do you think home is? Would love to hear your thoughts below!


  1. Terry says:

    I think home is a place that evokes a certain feeling in you. While I can’t comment from experience, as I’ve lived my whole life within a 60 mile radius, I can certainly see that one could have more than one home. Home is where you plant yourself, even if just for a short while. And while that home may be located miles away from where you were born and raised and where most of your family lives, it is still home for you. But so is that place you gather with family and friends on holidays and special occasions. When you are surrounded by loved ones, you are home.

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