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Know Your Snowflake Type—A Personality Test

Yes, snowflake types do exist…

I hadn’t planned on writing about snowflakes, nor had I ever thought one’s personality might align with a snowflake type. But I couldn’t find the book passage I needed for my planned post, so I sat—blocked—at my laptop and looked outside.

Guess what I found?

A new blog post! A little rough around the edges and in the form of snowfall, but a beautiful idea just in need of a little polish.

So here it is…

When the temperature’s above freezing, a snowflake faces three short-term destinies:

  1. Fall on pavement and immediately melt.
  2. Attach to an object and stick around a bit longer.
  3. Attach to another snowflake and grow in size and longevity.

So if people are like snowflakes, which type of snowflake are you?

Type 1 Snowflakes

This snowflake may inspire admiration as it gracefully falls, but when it hits warm pavement, it’s gone.

  • If you’re a type 1 snowflake, you live life as a series of tasks and obligations that will eventually lead to a break—retirement. To that end, you work hard, but joy in bulk is planned for the future.
  • Because fulfilling your life’s purpose isn’t a high priority, your impact on those beyond your loved ones is fleeting compared to your potential.

Type 2 Snowflakes

This snowflake tries to last but clings to things that won’t support its survival.

  • If you’re a type 2 snowflake, you live life as a competition, with the winner defined as the one with the best everything. You enjoy your loved ones and life in general, but sometimes the joy associated with the latter is really just momentary happiness.
  • Living your purpose is important to you, but not at the expense of comfort and security; this leads to a delay in creating the work God’s holding for you. The impact you do leave, though not necessarily fleeting, is oftentimes not how you’d hoped to be remembered.

Type 3 Snowflakes

This snowflake knows that to truly last, it’s got to join others. Together they’ll grow in size, attracting even more snowflakes and further extending their impact.

  • If you’re a type 3 snowflake, you live life as an opportunity for connection and service. Living your purpose is a priority and you find joy in the journey. Being in community allows your growth into something bigger than yourself and because of that, your impact—whether on a big or small scale—is lasting.
  • You’re oftentimes impractical regarding the details of everyday life, though, and lean toward naivety, choosing always to believe in the goodness of others.

Each snowflake—like each of us—has positive attributes and room for improvement. Did you identify strongly with a certain type? Or did you find a bit of yourself in each?

If you’re content with the results, then continue on! But if you want to change your type or create a new hybrid snowflake, you can. Small shifts in course will get you there.

Remember—whether it’s pavement, objects, or other snowflakes—our journeys will eventually reach their destinations. Just be sure that when it’s your time to melt, you’re at peace with where you’ve landed.

How’d you feel about this post? I’d love to hear your comments below!


  1. Maria Cecilia says:

    Such an insightful blog! I never imagined my ‘life as a snowflake’…makes me want to write something about it in the next chapter of my life…I must admit I am a Type 3 snowflake…my personality gravitates to connecting with people and the world..in whatever shape or form it maybe…in wherever I may be…

    Inf. Maria Cecilia
    – A Creative Journey Through Life –

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