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Life’s Instruction Manual—It Does Exist!

On my family room bookshelves rest two similar paintings. At first glance, they’re nearly identical. But then you realize they’re more like fraternal twins.

    1. One boasts uniform red, yellow, and orange leaves; the other haphazard swipes of the same hues, with a little green, too.
    2. And one blends its colors, while the other sports individual brush strokes.

So would it surprise you that both artists received the same instructions?

However, one heard the assigned colors and thought adding green leaves would capture summer’s transition to fall. And the other listened to the brush technique and opted for a more uniform look.

Same instructions. Different interpretations. Equal importance.

And that leads us to my version of life’s instruction manual, which states the following:

    1. Love.
    2. Determine why you’re here.
    3. Live that purpose.
    4. Allow everyone a chance to do the same.

We all share this guidance.

But some will read the manual and discover they’re meant to find homes for shelter animals. And others will wonder why the focus is on animals when so many people need saving?

Same instructions. Different interpretations. Equal importance.

It’s not just that there’s room for all, but that there’s a need for all. Each soul’s purpose locking into another’s until we form a cohesive unit.

A painting of sorts. One with so many complex yet equal parts, so diverse yet unified, that we’ll step back and wonder how it all came from the same instructions.

Hope you enjoyed this shorter post—sometimes there’s nothing more needed! But that means there’s plenty of room for your thoughts, so leave a comment below if you’re feeling inspired.

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