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Nature’s Advice for Steadying an Unbalanced Life

One of the many “balancing acts” along the trail.

“Too much.”

“Not enough.”

Are either of these the anthem of your current life? I mean, it is December, so I’ll assume we’re all struggling at least a little with balance right now.

But what advice would Nature give on this topic? Well, I had lots of time to contemplate this about a week and a half ago on an extended-weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona.

Because when you’re in Sedona, you can’t escape Nature. It rises around you, forming the most spectacular red-hued backdrop.

It’s all you can see and all you want to see. Yet there’s something deeper going on than just superficial beauty.

In fact, there’s energy at play that some believe rises from those red rocks, affecting not just people but even the way certain trees grow.1 (After feeling the energy firsthand, count me as a believer!)

But back to balance. What can this place of natural beauty, where life seems too good to be real, possibly teach us about dealing with work stress, family demands, and holiday to-do’s?

A lot, actually. And here’s why.

On a hike through Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, I looked up and realized that these canyon walls had been here many, many years before my birth and they’d be here long after my death. Just think of the people, things, and events they’ve witnessed in their existence. How could this place, with its divine energy, not hold lasting wisdom for us?

So what did Nature have to say about steadying an unbalanced life? My interpretation was this:

It’s difficult but possible . . . with the right perspective.

I compare it to each of the five hikes my husband and I completed—there were moments of struggle and ease, fear and bliss, cold and warmth. One side complementing the other.

Almost as if Nature was offering us these challenges as a test, with the goal of discovering the balance of life that exists if we let it.

But with Nature, most things take time to develop. So perhaps we need to think a little more in “canyon years” when we talk about steadying our lives. We can start by focusing more on balancing our months or years than our days.

  • “Yes, December is crazy, but January brings normalcy.”
  • “Yes, going for my graduate degree requires all my free time, but in two years I’ll regain my freedom and be better able to serve the world.”
  • “Yes, life with kids is nuts, but years bring a return to quiet.” (I’m told.)

So why not be present and grateful for the experience of each life season and allow balance to happen naturally?

Sure, we should take the new job that allows more time with family. And, yes, we should give ourselves space to refill our energy tanks. But in designing our lives with daily balance in mind, we also need to accept that our ideal picture of it may not work with our current season.

To me, Nature seems to say that steadying an unbalanced life is more about our attitude toward life. It’s taking the daily little steps, staying present and grateful for each, and trusting that divine energy (a.k.a. God) to handle the big picture.

Because it all balances out in the end. . .

What’s your take on leading a balanced life? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

1Our hotel concierge shared this info, as well as a Sedona Vortex Map, with us. (No author, year, or copyright.)

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