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Pause the Moment: “Dining” with Kids

“Dinner Time”

What pairs with teriyaki salmon? BBQ sauce, if you ask my six-year-old. So there on the table lay the wrapper from the brand new bottle, and what did my mind pair with that? The props game from Whose Line Is It Anyway? of course!

If you’re not familiar, the game’s goal is to use a random item in creative ways, and the show’s goal is to make you laugh.

So mid-dinner, we played round one of The Meyer Family Props Game. And in those few moments, here’s what I captured:

  • The sound of giggling.
  • The feel of my son climbing onto my lap.
  • The sight of everyone smiling at the same time.
  • The taste of perfectly-salted zucchini.
  • The smell of a meal prepped on the grill.

And though there was no clear champ—how can you choose between two telescopes, a slingshot, and a hamster wheel—with those moments safely tucked on my memory shelf, I know I won the gold.

Thanks for reading the first entry in my “Pause the Moment” mini-blog series! These less-than-200-word articles are meant to help us—in a figurative sense—stop time, because they’re a peek into the fullness and joy that lie in everyday moments.

So if you feel like life is sneaking past you unnoticed and unlived, why not pause a few moments and see how blessed you really are . . .


  1. Margo Dill says:

    I like this mini-post a lot–it reminds me of what I head you say when you came and talked to my MOPS group about paying attention to what our senses are experiencing in the moment.

    • weboldsouls says:

      Exactly…so glad to hear you were paying attention! Tuning in to our senses is an easy way to introduce presence and pave the path toward gratitude. Thanks for your comment, Margo!

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