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Pause the Moment: Hidden in the Familiar


Ever pass something dozens of times until one day it quietly steps into your field of presence? This happened to me last weekend just outside my favorite place for an iced almond milk latte.

I was on an early morning Father’s Day coffee mission but something about this familiar plant made me stop. And I realized the magic I’d mindlessly passed during so many previous visits:

  • I saw the vibrant green wisps—my favorite color.
  • I smelled the fresh mulch—not my favorite smell.
  • I tasted the mint of my gum I was using as a toothpaste substitute.
  • I felt the slightly prickly tendrils.
  • I heard the soothing swishing as I gently rustled the plant.

All of this from ornamental grass. Pretty amazing.

But what’s even more incredible—my daughter’s favorite descriptive word—is the knowledge that this kind of sensory magic exists in every moment of our day, all objects that we see, each person we encounter.

So don’t wait for these things to catch your attention . . . attract them with presence and welcome them with gratitude.

You’ve just read Entry 2 in my “Pause the Moment” mini-blog series; to catch up on the first post about “dining” with kids, just click here!

Now I’d love to know what’s been your favorite treasure discovered in the familiar? Add a comment below!


  1. Terry says:

    I have lived the bulk of my life in a small, rural, Southeast Missouri town. I’ve made the 15-20 minute trip from my house into “town” probably millions of times as a kid, teenager, adult & parent. It has always looked pretty much the same until one trip home a few years ago. I had recently returned from a trip out west. I had marveled at the views & variety of landscapes we had seen. It was all so beautiful and so different from things I had seen before. For some reason after that trip, on that same drive from “town” to home, it hit me. As I looked north at the green hills meeting the clear sky in the distance, I realized that we have some pretty sights too.

    • weboldsouls says:

      This is so lovely, Terry! Thanks for sharing your perspective and inspiring us all to look closer at the familiar.

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