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Pause the Moment: Late-Night Lives

It’s the end of the day. Body’s tired, brain’s done, and spirit’s fading. But sleep’s still in the distance because life awaits.

Yet it’s in this semi-exhausted, late-day state that some of our most impactful moments arrive . . .

. . . cuddling with our kids for bedtime books, breaking out the laptop to nurture our passion projects, savoring a few minutes of real conversation with our partners. 

Whatever the identity of our late-night lives, we can press pause to take in what’s really going on.

I tried this while settling my 6-year-old into bed, and here’s what I discovered through four of my senses:

    • Crickets chirping.
    • The weight of his little hand resting softly in mine.
    • Dinner still lingering on my taste buds.
    • The scent of bedtime-clean in the air—freshly washed skin plus bubble gum, fruity-fresh teeth.

But what about sight? It’s the sense most of us rely on, yet look at the richness I just described without any eye input. In fact, mine were closed during that moment!

So tonight, let’s assign some of our lesser-used senses to the leadership role and “see” our nighttime routine in full light.

What’s your takeaway from this fourth entry in my “Pause the Moment” mini-blog series? Share your insights below!

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