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Pause the Moment: Rewind


I usually don’t brag, but last weekend I participated in a prestigious tournament—invitation only. Maybe you’ve heard of it:

The Anything Tournament.


Well, it’s straight from the mind of my almost-nine-year-old and its concept is simple—perform a routine doing anything you want—gymnastics, dance, martial arts—but using certain props, such as a bulky, stuffed, green chair and a sleeping bag turned balance beam.

I spent much of the tournament laughing so hard I had to hold my “liquids” in. The stuff of future memories, but I realized afterward that I hadn’t paused any moments.

It was as if my mental memory shelf had an empty spot. So what to do?

Rewind, of course!

I mentally replayed a few tournament moments and found that my senses had captured plenty of raw footage—the giant smiles, the giggling fits, the green chair’s just-right comfiness. They simply needed my acknowledgement and appreciation before heading to “storage.”

Though we do our best to be present and grateful, sometimes life rushes past. When it happens to you, just rewind a bit, put your five senses to work, and smile with gratitude as another moment takes its place on the shelf.

Well, that’s it! You just read the last entry in my “Pause the Moment” mini-blog series. What’d you think? I’d love to hear your comments below!

(And if you want to catch the previous five entries, just start here and work your way forward.)

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