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Pause the Moment: When Life Makes it Easy

“Thanks, Life!”

Sometimes life hands us a series of moments that even our most whiny child couldn’t complain about. A gift, for sure, but are we unwrapping it?

Think of opening a gift bag—you pull out an item, release a tiny squeal of excitement, then thank the giver. But she says, “Wait, there’s more!” And there at the bottom, trapped between layers of tissue paper, is the best part.

I had my own easy moments just last weekend, on a quick, kid-free trip to the coast. I crested a hill at the edge of Moss Landing State Beach to find the perfect gift, way too big for any bag.

And although my five senses captured the scene, I noticed their input less as individual pieces and more as a synergistic swirl of awesomeness—wind, sand, waves, saltiness, seagulls, and seaweed.

But as my hubby and I descended toward the water and stood nestled against each other, I found life’s last and best gift, hidden in the one I love.

So as you travel the world, in search of your own perfect moments, make sure you see and appreciate those most precious gifts, perhaps by your side the whole time.

What are some of your favorite “easy moments” that life has handed you? The We Bold Souls family would love to read your story below!

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And speaking of summer, the blog’s earned a vacation–it’ll return in two weeks with new ideas and guidance to help you live your best, bold life!

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