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Possibility’s Path to Reality–The Ultimate Journey

“The Vacation Card”

There’s something about the thrill of possibility, especially that limitless feeling of Vacation Eve, once you finish the to-do list. I get lost in thoughts of the itinerary highlights and the unknown, unplannable narratives where the really good stuff lies.

But there’s one more thing that builds into my possibility-filled vacation state of mind—the card pictured above.

“I am free to think wonderful thoughts. I move beyond past limitations into freedom. I am now becoming all that I am created to be.”

I keep this card in the zipper pocket of my carry-on bag and read it at least once as I’m packing. Why?

It’s a time stamp in my life—I know I received it February 2014 from a spa in Vail (massage trumped skiing). This was the time when I was hating my career and feeling the strong pull toward a meaningful path, one I believed was on hold just for me.

This card nudged me one step closer to that road.

Two months later I resigned. And there I was, standing naively on my reserved path with outstretched arms, ready for the journey to personal greatness. But no highlighted route appeared, no bolt of genius hit.

I had quit my job, wasn’t that good faith gesture enough to gain access to the secrets?


In fact, the trip I took last week was the first time I read the card and actually saw it as current truth, not just a possibility I was longing for. That I finally was “becoming all that I am created to be.”

That’s FOUR years!

And with perfect hindsight, I can now see that once I said yes to my path, I was continually moving toward my purpose, growing into the role I’m meant to hold.

It’s funny, as I was writing this post I realized that the reason I’ve linked this card to traveling is because they both represent a journey. One just happens to be to a destination only I can discover.

So, whether you’ve transitioned onto your reserved route but have yet to see a road sign or you still have your hand resting lightly on the blinker, please keep believing in yourself. We need you in your lane, becoming all you were created to be.

(And for a little insight on journeying, check out these five guidelines.)

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