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Redirect Your Life with One-Letter Shifts

“One Little Letter”

Ever think about how the difference between one word and the next is often just a letter?

Me neither.

Except until the other day when I was searching online for St. Louis events and saw one appearing to be titled “Meditation Matters.”

“Awesome!” I thought, clicking on the link.

All that awesomeness ended when I realized the program targeted the senior population and was actually called “Medication Matters.”

Changing one little letter can catapult a word from your corner of the world to the opposite pole.

So why not apply this “one little letter” philosophy to propel ourselves in a direction we’d rather be heading?

Nothing Fancy

It may be a literal one (or two) letter shift:

    • “My niece just turned 21 and I feel so old!” (true story) BECOMES:
      • “My niece just turned 21 and I feel so bold—I mean, think of all the living I’ve done in the past 21 years and how those experiences (and lessons) make me a force in the world!”
    • “It’s been a rough week; I’m defeated.” BECOMES:
      • “It’s been a rough week; I’m still kickin’ and therefore remain undefeated.”


It may be a figurative “one little letter” shift:

    • “I’m too exhausted to exercise.” BECOMES:
      • “My legs still work, so I’ll just walk to get the kids from school.”
    • “I don’t have time to meditate.” BECOMES:
      • “I have so many moments that I can sprinkle with mindfulness, no time-out meditation required.”

Starting Line

Let’s check out those four examples again, but first remove the extra stuff to get a good look at their skeletons. (Kind of like old-school sentence diagramming.) See any similarities?

To me they all declare the same affirmation:


I’m living fully—I survived—I can move my body—I can live in the moment.

I’m grateful for life.

So start there. Start with the simple yet profound fact that you’re alive, and let that be your foundation. Then build your life’s frame with gratitude.

And as you furnish the space with the stuff of life, use that gratitude frame to guide your “one little letter” shifts. So that what you allow into your mind and body—your “building”—orients you toward the goal of your soul.

Have you ever made a one-letter shift that changed your life’s direction? I’d love to learn your story in the comments below!

1Inspired by an Instagram post from Tidal Transformation Performance Coaching


  1. Margo Dill says:

    I like these ideas so much. Sometimes we think it takes a huge moment or lots of time to turn our lives around, but these examples show that simple steps make a difference!

    • weboldsouls says:

      Thanks, Margo! So glad you found them helpful. If you discover some great “one letter shifts” that are working for you, I’d love to hear!

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