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Nature’s Advice for Steadying an Unbalanced Life

One of the many “balancing acts” along the trail.

“Too much.”

“Not enough.”

Are either of these the anthem of your current life? I mean, it is December, so I’ll assume we’re all struggling at least a little with balance right now.

But what advice would Nature give on this topic? Well, I had lots of time to contemplate this about a week and a half ago on an extended-weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona.

Because when you’re in Sedona, you can’t escape Nature. It rises around you, forming the most spectacular red-hued backdrop.

It’s all you can see and all you want to see. Yet there’s something deeper going on than just superficial beauty. Read more

Circus or Balancing Act? Depends on These Three Things.

Straight from the bulletin board!

I’ve heard a lot of quotes about life balance, but this one by Hans Christian Andersen speaks so clearly it’s earned a permanent spot on the family bulletin board:

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

If you’re feeling unsettled in your life, you’re likely short on one of these three ingredients. Let’s see where the problem lies… Read more