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Sorry, I’m No Longer Accepting Complaints–Four Tips to Make the Shift

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The answer is “complaining.” Can you figure out the Jeopardy-style question? (Cue the music.) Okay, time’s up. I was looking for “What is the opposite of being present and grateful?”

Now before you start grumbling that I didn’t give you a category, let’s take a look at this seductive habit.

Complaining is on the same level as smoking—it’s easy to get hooked but people hate to be around the toxicity it creates. We all have our problems, inconveniences, and frustrations, right? Which means we all have enough fuel to send gripes spewing from our mouths all day long. But who wants to live in that world?

So if you’re a bit of a complaint addict, try these tips to clean up your aura: Read more