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Finding Peace When Bad Things Happen

Can you remember your last bad day?

The inspiration for this blog post…read to the end to find out why.

Mine happened exactly two weeks ago. Driving home, I watched as a fire truck took a right turn toward my neighborhood.

Always an unsettling feeling.

When I arrived, I saw the truck had joined other emergency vehicles, just down the street from my house. Though everyone was physically okay, the event challenged people’s security in their safest of places.

When bad stuff like this happens, it triggers waves of fear-based emotions. And these waves form circles around those involved, extending to their loved ones, their friends, their neighbors, their town, and maybe farther.

So my bad day was a bad day for a lot of people.

And a big challenge for presence and gratitude. In fact, when people and bad things collide, presence and gratitude face a couple strong arguments: Read more

In Defense of Bold Ideas: Three Reasons Why You Should Go For It

There’s a buzzing near your ear. You swoosh the intruder away, but it returns. You try swatting with no success. On the third visit both parties are ready—you’re either getting bitten or definitively stopping the madness.

Now that’s bold! (Courtesy of Pixabay)

But wait, it’s not a mosquito that’s bugging you—it’s an idea. Ah, those pesky ideas, they just love hanging around. Especially the crazy, impossible, illogical ones that urge us to live a bigger life and contribute more by bringing them to life. And like mosquitoes, they keep returning until they get under our skin or we eliminate them with a firm swat (refusal).

We should just put them out of their misery, right? I mean, we certainly can’t take on another commitment. And they’re insane ideas anyway. Plus we don’t have the qualifications to make them happen.

So it’s settled…right? Read more