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How to Use Pressure as a Force for Growth

“Wisely, use the force.”

Ever move into a new space seemingly too big to fill, only to find it cluttered as time goes on? Or what about facing two deadlines, one unrealistic and the other generous, yet finishing each on its last allotted day?

It seems that we naturally expand to fill the space we’re given. But why? I found some insight in a surprising place—the science of gas particles. Here’s what I discovered: Read more

Three Surprising Teachers We’ll Never Outgrow

Back to school? Actually, you never left!

Yesterday, it happened again.

Imagine this scene:

(A typical American living room. Mom and two kids are present. Daughter has just finished an intense complaining fit regarding minimal time for bike riding.)

MOM: “We only have 24 hours in a day. Some of that’s for sleeping, some for school, some for homework, and the rest you get to choose how you spend….So maybe instead of watching shows on the iPad for an hour, you do your 20 minutes of reading so you have more time to ride your bike.”

(Mom realizes mid-speech that this lecture—with a few edits to the specifics—is exactly what she needs to be telling herself. Her demeanor reflects this unsettling recognition.)

Like I said earlier, though, this wasn’t the first time insight has struck in the middle of a daughter-directed sermon.

Which is why I’ve come to believe that our life teachers take several surprising forms: Read more

Is Home A Place, A Person, or A Feeling? Some Thoughts on Moving On

A modern home by a budding young architect–just give her a few years!

HOME. It’s been the topic of conversation in my thoughts as I’m set for a summer visit to a city I used to call home. I feel as if it’s held a spot for me, just in case I’d change my mind on the move. But moving has defined my life.

I always knew I wanted to set sail from my childhood nest in Missouri, in search of adventures and fresh perspectives. And I found just that in San Francisco. It was a time of extreme experiences and when I think of my home there I feel like I’m rediscovering a magical part of me that missed the flight to my next destination. A part of me that religiously set aside time to dream, to really connect with my hubby, to nourish my soul by indulging my interests—a lighter me. So this is my fairy tale castle (shrunk to 650 square feet). Read more