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Three Hidden Chances to Celebrate You

You’re a VIP…celebrate it!

Do you hold yourself to high standards?

Not sure?

Just answer this question: When’s the last time you complimented yourself without a “but” at the end? (Like “I did a good job listening to my kids this week, BUT I didn’t pay enough attention to my partner.”)

If you’re not coming up with much, the bar’s pretty high. But don’t despair. In fact, do just the opposite… Read more

In Defense of Bold Ideas: Three Reasons Why You Should Go For It

There’s a buzzing near your ear. You swoosh the intruder away, but it returns. You try swatting with no success. On the third visit both parties are ready—you’re either getting bitten or definitively stopping the madness.

Now that’s bold! (Courtesy of Pixabay)

But wait, it’s not a mosquito that’s bugging you—it’s an idea. Ah, those pesky ideas, they just love hanging around. Especially the crazy, impossible, illogical ones that urge us to live a bigger life and contribute more by bringing them to life. And like mosquitoes, they keep returning until they get under our skin or we eliminate them with a firm swat (refusal).

We should just put them out of their misery, right? I mean, we certainly can’t take on another commitment. And they’re insane ideas anyway. Plus we don’t have the qualifications to make them happen.

So it’s settled…right? Read more

The Origin of Voice: Do We Catch or Create a Good Idea?

“Where does our voice come from?” asked my five-year-old. It was one of those questions he seemed to find floating in the air and capture for a closer look. I gave him what I knew of the physiological answer, but the question lingered in my thoughts.

“Where does our voice come from?” I wondered. Beyond the textbook, beyond the actual sound, straight to the source (or Source) of ideas.

Courtesy of Pixabay

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