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Inspired Talent + Desire + Service = Your Magical Performance

We can’t all be on-stage performers, amazing thousands, but each of us can use our lives to create magical performances. It’s a simple combination of helping others by doing something that we love and are good at.

Sounds simple in theory, but how do we even go about finding this “mysterious something?”

This 3-minute video will get you started, and it begins with a special birthday gift I finally got to enjoy . . . Read more

The Origin of Voice: Do We Catch or Create a Good Idea?

“Where does our voice come from?” asked my five-year-old. It was one of those questions he seemed to find floating in the air and capture for a closer look. I gave him what I knew of the physiological answer, but the question lingered in my thoughts.

“Where does our voice come from?” I wondered. Beyond the textbook, beyond the actual sound, straight to the source (or Source) of ideas.

Courtesy of Pixabay

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