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Beyond Talent—Three Qualities to Cultivate

“Time to Cultivate”

I remember two things about watching The Wizard of Oz as a kid:

    1. My little brother so terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West he left the room crying.
    2. The underwhelming effect of seeing the whole movie on a black-and-white TV set.

But I loved the film anyway. And today I’m loving that its characters and what they represent found their way into this blog post.

It all started at the annual talent show tryouts last Thursday at my kids’ elementary school.

It was the first year my 8-year-old wanted to give it a try, and I expected, of course, to feel proud of my little girl and her two friends as they danced to Demi Lovato’s “Confident.”

But I also witnessed three other things that topped off my pride tank: Read more

Survival Code or Compassion Code—Which Do You Follow?

Choose your code!

Just for fun, let’s pretend we’re emperor penguins.

We’re hanging out on the Antarctic ice, looking cute, but freezing our feathers off. So what do we do? Well, humans would instinctively crowd together, so we decide to try that.

And pretty soon, we’re at the center of a massive penguin huddle, feeling much warmer.

But after a bit our neighbors wiggle away, with new penguins taking their places. This cycle repeats until our original buddies end up on the outer ring of the huddle and penguins from the perimeter get some time in the middle.1

We can’t believe it—they’re taking turns getting warm! Read more

How To Fit One Hundred Years into Four Buckets

One cool bear…

One hundred.

A celebrated number in elementary school, as in the one hundredth day of school. Kids wear glasses formed from the number 100, draw what they’ll look like as 100-year-olds, and journal what they think life will be like in 100 years.

So in honor of this special day, I thought we’d play along. Sound good? Okay, let’s take a little journey into the future… Read more

Stretching Christmas—Yea or Nay?

Stretching’s good for us, right? So, I’ve been thinking lately that maybe stretching Christmas might not be so bad either.

Can they coexist?

I used to have rules about this:

1.      NO Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

2.      NO Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.

3.      NO Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving.

But then it happened. Read more

Is Home A Place, A Person, or A Feeling? Some Thoughts on Moving On

A modern home by a budding young architect–just give her a few years!

HOME. It’s been the topic of conversation in my thoughts as I’m set for a summer visit to a city I used to call home. I feel as if it’s held a spot for me, just in case I’d change my mind on the move. But moving has defined my life.

I always knew I wanted to set sail from my childhood nest in Missouri, in search of adventures and fresh perspectives. And I found just that in San Francisco. It was a time of extreme experiences and when I think of my home there I feel like I’m rediscovering a magical part of me that missed the flight to my next destination. A part of me that religiously set aside time to dream, to really connect with my hubby, to nourish my soul by indulging my interests—a lighter me. So this is my fairy tale castle (shrunk to 650 square feet). Read more