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Best of the Blog—Year TWO

Here’s to year two!

Like most nearly-two-year-olds, the blog had “its moments” this past year—it wanted freedom to explore, so I gave it space to grow.

The result?

A video version of the blog! I’ve enjoyed making and sharing these videos, and appreciate your embrace of them, too. Which is why you’ll find a couple below, along with a sampling of my picks for best of the blog, 2nd edition.

With three themes and twelve titles to choose from, I know you’ll find inspiration just right for you! (Click on the title for a link to the complete article/video.) Read more

Best of the Blog—Year ONE

We’re celebrating!

My baby just turned one year old! And though she’s a blog, her first year of life reminds me of what it’s like to welcome and nurture a human baby.

The cycle of researching, reading, thinking, typing, deleting, and retyping is the equivalent of diapering, feeding, playing, singing, rocking, and re-diapering. The work can be intense, but in both scenarios, it’s love and purpose that keep you going each week.

And when we get to share that oh-so-special part of our lives with others, and see them welcome with joy our bundle of joy, we know we’ve done some good in this world.

So with deep gratitude for your support, I’d love to celebrate both you and the blog with a look back at some of its best moments from the past year. Read more