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Thirty-Nine and Right on Time

Right on time…

Have you ever felt like you’re out of time?

And not “Half of my to-do list didn’t get done today.” Instead, I’m talking big-picture out of time.

Something like this:

I’m too old to OR I’m running out of time to…

  • “…start a new career.”
  • “…run a half-marathon.”
  • “…find love.”
  • “…change my life.”
  • “…risk financial security to pursue a passion project.”

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Journey vs. Path: Five Guidelines for Living Without a Master Plan

In life, are you on a journey or a path?

“Meant To Be” (Found this Monday in the grocery store sale bin!)

While the latter is a course that’s been set in its entirety (a master plan), a journey asks you to draw the map as you go. A path is well-trodden; a journey well hidden. Both take you to a destination, but one keeps the identity a surprise.

Me? I’m a journey girl, even in business. A young woman at a recent event asked me about my plans for We Bold Souls. My answer was something like, “Continue presenting my programs and see where that leads.” Definitely not the stuff of business plans.

I operate this way because I love staying open to possibilities and seeing things develop organically. And because I believe there’s already a perfect path for me, ready to unfold as long as I don’t get in its way with my idea of the perfect path.

But even on journeys there are guidelines, so if you’re thinking of veering toward the tall grass, you’ll need to know the following: Read more