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Four Life Lessons from the Police Station—Volume II

I try to follow the law, but once again found myself at the police station Saturday. . .

. . . for the Kirkwood Police Department Open House!

My second appearance at this annual community showcase, I applied my insights from the 2018 event in hopes of creating a more successful display this year.

So, to build on those learnings and to keep this blog’s tradition alive, here are 2019’s four life lessons from the police station: Read more

Four Life Lessons from the Police Station

The cops had surrounded me. With no place to hide, I exited my car. One officer approached and with his arm up gave me a…

…fist bump, of course.

And with that, my day at the Kirkwood Police Department community event had begun!

The heat, the wind, the sun. The connection, the gratitude, the joy. It was definitely a day of extremes. And surprisingly, four life lessons: Read more