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Your Sign Awaits—Here’s Where to Find It

Look up.

We’ve been looking way up for ages: the ancient Greeks with constellations, the wise men with the Star of Bethlehem, and sailors with their “red sky at night” adage.

So what have we been looking for all this time?


Maybe these signs have given an understanding of the world or a direction to follow or even a clue to the weather. But, lacking words, it’s been our responsibility to assign meaning.

Which brings me to a sign that’s been puzzling me the past few weeks . . . Read more

The Big Picture—What Stargazing Reveals About Our Lives


When humans look at the night sky, we feel wonder. A collective curiosity to better understand what’s out there. So, with telescopes, we try to pull the stars and planets to us.

It makes sense, right? The closer we get to something, the more we can learn about it and appreciate it.

So why does life seem to work in the opposite way? Why is it that the more we zoom in on life, the more easily we can let it pass unappreciated? Read more

Best of the Blog—Year ONE

We’re celebrating!

My baby just turned one year old! And though she’s a blog, her first year of life reminds me of what it’s like to welcome and nurture a human baby.

The cycle of researching, reading, thinking, typing, deleting, and retyping is the equivalent of diapering, feeding, playing, singing, rocking, and re-diapering. The work can be intense, but in both scenarios, it’s love and purpose that keep you going each week.

And when we get to share that oh-so-special part of our lives with others, and see them welcome with joy our bundle of joy, we know we’ve done some good in this world.

So with deep gratitude for your support, I’d love to celebrate both you and the blog with a look back at some of its best moments from the past year. Read more