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Twelve Questions to Get Your Personal Priorities on the Schedule

Fahrenheit to Celsius, ounces to milliliters, but what about time? No conversion needed there. It’s a universal constant—every human on the planet has the same minutes in a day. So why do we so often say the following?

“I don’t have enough time.”

“It’s easy for her to accomplish so much, she doesn’t have kids.”

“Must be nice to be rich and hire a cleaner, chef, and personal assistant. If I had all those I’d have time to get going on my dreams too.”

So why do we find ourselves at this point? Because it’s easier to complain than to create.

As a recovering complainer, I speak from camaraderie not judgment. I know it feels better to push the blame of stalled goals onto a husband, child, finances, job. Otherwise, we’re facing a tough look at ourselves, our schedules, and our priorities.

Bad news: I don’t have all the logistical answers. Good news: I’ve started the process of building my priorities into my schedule and though I still face challenges, I’m getting there. So let’s look at some questions to ask yourself and examples from my own life that can help you assign time to your biggest goals. Read more