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Five Steps for Handling Criticism, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

This blog post’s star and inspiration . . .

I’ve got a soft spot for North Carolina—both my babies were born there—and for animals. So I was cheering when the wild horses on NC’s Outer Banks survived the recent hurricane.

Actually, their survival wasn’t unexpected—their group’s been riding out severe storms for hundreds of years.1 The crazy part’s how they did it and how any of this applies to handling criticism.

First, how did they do it? Read more

Survival Code or Compassion Code—Which Do You Follow?

Choose your code!

Just for fun, let’s pretend we’re emperor penguins.

We’re hanging out on the Antarctic ice, looking cute, but freezing our feathers off. So what do we do? Well, humans would instinctively crowd together, so we decide to try that.

And pretty soon, we’re at the center of a massive penguin huddle, feeling much warmer.

But after a bit our neighbors wiggle away, with new penguins taking their places. This cycle repeats until our original buddies end up on the outer ring of the huddle and penguins from the perimeter get some time in the middle.1

We can’t believe it—they’re taking turns getting warm! Read more