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Tales of Connection—Sharing Our “Mrs. Claus Moments”


A long line and small talk with a stranger—what could pair better? In fact, it was those two things that led me to a delightful conversation with, potentially, the real Mrs. Claus.

It was last Saturday afternoon at Kohls, and since I’m not a regular there, I asked her if the long lines were Christmas-shopping-related or just the norm. At the mention of Christmas, she said that her shopping was complete and halfway wrapped.

WHAT?!? Did I miss November?

But she quickly assured me that her job as Mrs. Claus had her working all season long, so prepping early was a necessity. And with that, I spent the next five minutes smiling as she shared with me her best Mrs. Claus stories.

But her words not only told tales of bringing smiles to children. They also conveyed her joy for life, for meaningful work, and for the people she’s gotten to journey with.

See, she had missed last Christmas recovering from cancer, and was eager once again to see the kids she’d watched grow up over the years. So this year on the job was going to be extra special.

And when she flashed a photo of herself in costume and noted that her voice actually changes pitch when she wears it, I let myself believe that just maybe I was in the presence of true Christmas royalty.

After all, a little Christmas magic doesn’t hurt . . . even if it is November.

Isn’t it cool to know that each person we pass in our everyday errands is really just like us? With stories, struggles, and joys to match our own, we really are all connected. If we could see this in each other, think of how we might reshape our world.

Inspired by my story above, I’m asking you to share your own “Mrs. Claus moment” with me. Think of a time you connected with a stranger, even if only for a minute.

No need to polish it or aim for a certain word count, just send it in its raw form! (Please note whether I’m allowed to publish your story and if so, how you’d like to be identified or perhaps not identified.)

You can reach me by adding a comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram pages (@weboldsouls), by emailing me angela@weboldsouls.com, or by mailing a letter to this address:

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Thanks to all you bold souls out there with your own “Mrs. Claus moment” to share! Can’t wait to read your story . . . 


  1. Terry says:

    Over the years, I’ve had many different reasons to spend time in nursing homes or assisted living places. And during these times, dating all the way back to high school days when I worked in a nursing home, I’ve gotten to have many conversations with these older and sometimes forgotten individuals in our society. Some I just clicked with. They were fun to chat with and could make you smile or laugh, without even knowing they were doing that. Some I knew were well aware of our conversations but others, I knew wouldn’t remember we had spoken five minutes later. No matter the situation or how wild the stories may have been or how often I was asked or listened to the same thing within the same short conversation, I left with a good feeling in my soul. I had hopefully brightened their day, or at least made a bit of it pass a little quicker, and they had certainly brightened mine.

  2. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    It is so true that we often speak of Santa Claus whilst Mrs. Claus stands right beside him…and most would think that ‘that is just it – she stands just right beside him’…well, my story will not even touch that discussion or conversation, for my moment of being a ‘Miss Claus’ was a blessing in disguise…let us take a flashback moment to memory of a few years ago…I spent Thanksgiving Eve at the hospital due to a lingering high fever…I was not expecting to be surrounded with white walls and white linens and gifts of plush toys and flowers and balloons instead of family…yet on that night, I found another purpose to be there…and a few hours later, I found myself making my way to the Children’s Hospital Wing…a place where a few children were spending such a holiday as well…the hallway echoed with each step I took…the silence almost deafening…I turned my head and peeked through some slightly opened hospital rooms…I saw some children were fast asleep as medical equipment made that familiar beeping and hissing sounds…a few family members visiting…as I headed back to my room, I stopped by the nurse’s station and asked if they have a Santa hat somewhere, and one of the nurses smiled and handed me the ‘perfect’ Santa hat…I wanted to play ‘Little Miss Secret Santa’…as soon as I got into my room, I gathered the plush toys that accumulated in my room and filled a big white plastic bag…I put on my Santa hat…and yes, I was stylish with a hospital pajama set and a Santa hat…I lifted the bag of plush toys over my shoulder and headed back to the Children’s Hospital Wing…I went into each of the children’s room and with a big smile, I gently and quietly placed a plush toy by their hospital beds…and as I placed the last plush toy, I took a deep breath, and I smiled bigger…my job as ‘Miss Santa’ was done here and I walked back to the nurses’ station to return the Santa hat…but one of the nurses held my hand and said ‘Keep it Miss Santa’…my heart was filled with gratitude that night…fast forward to Thanksgiving Day…I was surprised with a visit from most of the children and a few parents accompanying them…just behind them were a few nurses…one of them with an Elmo plush toy just for me…it was ‘a perfect’ Thanksgiving after all!

    Inf. Maria Cecilia Victoria

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