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“Angela helped students and nursing staff fully attend to the here and now, to fully connect with the present and be aware of where we are and what we are doing. We found her presentations to be calming and insightful.” –Maureen M., Special School District

“Angela did an excellent job at our Wellness Retreat. She has a great message of living and enjoying the present moment and living with gratitude. In a busy world, it’s a message we can all listen to and learn from!

I really liked that it was an interactive workshop that allowed us to apply it to our lives and write down those things while we were in the workshop.

Thank you again, Angela!”  –Christy Wynne, Inspire Wellness STL

“There is such an increased need for mindfulness in our world and in our classroom. Angela’s lesson gave my students the opportunity to practice the skill of being present in the moment. We even extended her lesson having further discussions about this topic. Awesome!”  B.C., First Grade Teacher

“Can I just tell you that I love watching your video 4 (YouTube) in the mornings to start my day off right and get into the right mindset? Keep doing what you do, spreading YOUR light! Looking forward to more of your videos and everyday wisdom!”  -Jen S., California

“I have my mantra card on my mirror and read it every morning to set my day off on a positive note!”  -M.R., Occupational Therapist

“Angela did an amazing job teaching my students about mindfulness! She was warm and engaging and was able to share with my students about mindfulness in kid-friendly language.  She used great visuals that reminded us about our senses which we use when we are mindful and connected it to how we can be present and grateful each and every day!”  -W.C., First Grade Teacher

“Allowing time for students to learn about being mindful and being present allows time for students to be grateful and really savor their experiences.”  E.S., First Grade Teacher

“Angela was able to reach my kids using appropriate language. My kids were engaged and motivated to learn about mindfulness.”  S. B., First Grade Teacher

“Angela presented her “Be Present, Be Grateful” message to my daughter’s first grade class at North Glendale Elementary in November, shortly before Thanksgiving. Through the use of props, encouraging the students’ participation, and having a natural ability to engage children with her words, Angela’s message has stayed with my daughter today. Organizing the students into a circle, she passed around a stuffed turkey inviting the students to share about for what in their lives they are grateful. Using a wrapped gift, they talked about presence in a way that they were able to relate well to at their young age. 
Angela left each of the children a sticker with her We Bold Souls logo on it, a symbol representing the “Be Present, Be Grateful” message. My daughter explained to me that the full circle means that you are fully paying attention when your friends are talking, but if it is only a half circle, you are only kind of paying attention to your friends. The arc thru the circle is a smile, meaning happiness. She carried that sticker around with her for weeks, pulling it out to show us, to talk about it, and to tell us whether she has been a full or a half circle. The sticker is now in her room, and we continue to have conversations about it.
In the words of my first grader, “To be present means you are thinking about what’s happening RIGHT now. To be grateful means you are using your manners to say “please” and to make sure you say “thank you,” even when you may not always like something.” Thank you, Angela, for taking the time to share your words. You left a lasting lesson with my daughter, and for that I am grateful!”  -Torie F., Missouri