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The Big Picture—What Stargazing Reveals About Our Lives


When humans look at the night sky, we feel wonder. A collective curiosity to better understand what’s out there. So, with telescopes, we try to pull the stars and planets to us.

It makes sense, right? The closer we get to something, the more we can learn about it and appreciate it.

So why does life seem to work in the opposite way? Why is it that the more we zoom in on life, the more easily we can let it pass unappreciated?

The errands, the chores, the kids’ activities, the packed schedules, the work deadlines—the deeper we get into the details, the farther we often get from valuing the big life picture.

What we need is to drop the telescope and zoom way out, into stargazing mode. In this mode, we can see our lives as shining, wondrous planets or stars in the distance.

And when we do, usually one of two feelings and thought streams—or maybe a bit of both—overwhelm us:

    1. Love (Ebenezer Scrooge Epiphany):
      • “Things aren’t perfect, but I’m so incredibly blessed.”
      • “I’m so grateful for my kids even though they complain and fight too much.”
      • “I remember why I married this person.”
      • “I’m going to really start appreciating all the little things in each day.”


    1. Panic (Mid-Life Crisis Epiphany):
      • “What am I doing with my life?”
      • “I’ve wasted too much time on jobs I don’t care about.”
      • “My priorities are off.”
      • “Everything I know could change in an instant.”
      • “I have to make changes.”

Either epiphany prompts us to do better.

So how do we zoom way out and allow these revelations to appear?

Well, if we view these stargazing moments as things that happen to us, we’ll wait for a big life event—weddings, milestone birthdays, holidays—as our impetus.

But if we take an active role in our lives, we’ll start infusing the errands, the chores, the kids’ activities, the packed schedules, and the work deadlines with presence and gratitude. Because when we appreciate the small parts of our lives, we regain awe for the big life picture.

So tonight, take a minute to look at the sky. Feel its mysterious wonder. And know that your life is just as amazing.

Ever experience one of these epiphanies? Share your story below!


  1. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    “Everything I [have known] could change in an instant”

    Last year, I experienced a scary moment in my life…something that I never expected as a blood vessel burst in my left eye…the phrase ‘my life flashed before my eyes’ seemed inappropriate as I lost part of my vision that day…and everything in my
    life, as I have known it, changed in an instant, indeed…yet through it all, I embraced the partial vision loss and basked under the beauty of the changing seasons…the challenges continued even after the first surgery…an attempt that should have given me better vision…the outlook was promising then, but the outcome was not…I completely lost my left vision…yet, I continued to appreciate the beauty of what one functioning eye could see…I continued to be in awe with the wonders of my world…the earth’s natural gifts of beauty as the warmth of the Summer season came and the changing colors of the Fall season followed…I basked under the sun that shone so brightly during the day and the glorious night sky, with the occasional appearance of the twinkling stars…I gratefully accepted the kindness of the people who offered their generosity to me and my family as I faced my challenges…and a week ago, after another surgery, the most precious gift of sight was finally given back to me…not in its entirety, but I can now see through the window of my left eye…my gratitude and appreciation can only grow greater and bigger than life itself…

    Inf. Maria Cecilia Victoria
    ~ A Creative Journey Through Life ~

    • weboldsouls says:

      Thank you for being so open and sharing your story, Maria. I’m so happy that your vision is returning and so inspired that you were able to keep being grateful through the whole process!

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