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The Case for You—40 Reasons You Matter

“The Year of 40”

When you speak best through written words, like I do, special gifts tend to take that form too. So it makes sense that this year, “the year of 40,” I’ve begun a new tradition built on words.

Lists, in fact.

My best friend’s 40th gift? “40 Reasons Why You Rock.” And my hubby’s earned the title “Forty Reasons Why I Love You.”

So as I pondered my turn in the 40th birthday spotlight this coming Sunday, I thought about the forty things I’d include on my own list. And how that might make an interesting blog post.

But something was missing.

Too much of me and not enough of . . . YOU! Which is why this post is now dedicated to you, whenever your “40” happens to be—past, present, or future.

So, after a thorough review, I’m honored to present “The Case for You,” or as I like to call it:

40 Reasons You Matter

  1. You spread love.
  2. You accept love.
  3. You support your friends.
  4. You care for your family.
  5. You nurture your spirit.
  6. You’re doing the best you can.
  7. You send well-wishes or prayers when others are hurting.
  8. You aim to live the fullest version of your life.
  9. You appreciate the “little” things.
  10. You allow joy in your life.
  11. You add joy to others’ lives.
  12. You’re a peacemaker.
  13. You donate your time or money.
  14. You serve.
  15. You let others go first sometimes.
  16. You care for Earth.
  17. You’re grateful for her beauty.
  18. You celebrate others’ successes and milestones.
  19. You’re on the side of goodness and light.
  20. You give the respect you hope to get.
  21. You keep going, even when the struggles pile upon you.
  22. You stay open to life.
  23. You want to live your purpose.
  24. You speak up when a worthy cause emboldens you.
  25. You continue to learn.
  26. You inspire others by teaching what you know.
  27. You keep growing.
  28. You value life.
  29. You smile—and it’s the joy someone needs to see.
  30. You laugh—and it’s the joy someone needs to hear.
  31. You hug—and it’s the joy someone needs to feel.
  32. You’re here on this planet.
  33. You’re here on this planet for a reason.
  34. You’re connected to every other soul.
  35. You’re unique—no duplicates.
  36. You’re exceptionally talented.
  37. Your talents and desires are perfectly matched to each other and to your purpose.
  38. You have the power to change the world.
  39. You’ve already changed the world.
  40. And as long as you’re alive, you have gifts for the world.

Today on this 9/11 anniversary and every day, we need your gifts—whether a smile, a prayer, or something connected to your biggest purpose. Your existence isn’t an accident. In fact, these forty reasons prove that you matter.

And with that incontrovertible evidence, I rest my case . . . The Case for YOU.

Please share this list with anyone who might be doubting themselves or their meaning in this world. Thank you!


  1. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    Another great blog post, Angela! The way that you are able to integrate your personal life and experiences gives such authenticity and honesty in every word, phrase, and sentence I read…you are amazing and you rock!

    Inf. Maria Cecilia Victoria
    ~ A Creative Journey Through Life ~

    • weboldsouls says:

      Thank you so much for saying that, Maria! I love what I do but it means so much more when I know that others are enjoying it too. So right back at you, my amazing friend!

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