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The Identity of Change: Inner vs. Outer

“The Desk”

It rests in a corner of my living room, close enough to see a view of the yard through the nearby sliding glass doors. With a carved wooden border and detailed metal knobs, it’s a stunning secretary desk that gets only more beautiful knowing it used to be my grandpa’s. During the sixteen years it’s been with me, the desk has served three important roles:

    1. Storage for holiday and sentimental items,
    2. A nursery wardrobe for both of my kids, and
    3. An office space for me.

Each time I relocated to a new city, the desk found a new outer identity. I added contact paper lining for its role in the nursery and adjusted the shelf height for better functioning as my office, but through each transformation its essence remained constant:

It’s always been and always will be a link to my grandpa.

I never changed this inner identity, only readied it for a new season of life.

But the secretary desk isn’t alone in its relocation-related identity changes. My life roles have also shifted in sync with the desk’s:

    1. From safe-path follower to big-city adventurer . . .
    2. . . . to a newly pregnant mom settling back into suburbia . . .
    3. . . . to a professional mom looking to start a new venture.

Just like the desk, I tweaked my outer identity for each new job. But who I was at my core didn’t change. That inner identity has remained constant as each new role on the journey has commenced.

This is your truth, too. Your essence—your soul—is your unchanging identity. It’s your link to what’s always been and always will be.

So whether you’re facing a physical relocation—like me in a few months—or are entering a season of change right where you are, trust that whatever changes on the outside, your most important role is to simply be you.

Facing a change of your own? Share your story below!