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The Origin of Voice: Do We Catch or Create a Good Idea?

“Where does our voice come from?” asked my five-year-old. It was one of those questions he seemed to find floating in the air and capture for a closer look. I gave him what I knew of the physiological answer, but the question lingered in my thoughts.

“Where does our voice come from?” I wondered. Beyond the textbook, beyond the actual sound, straight to the source (or Source) of ideas.

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One option is science-based, with the brain in the lead role as connector of stored experiences and information to form ideas, perhaps aided by other brain’s storage contents.

Then there’s the more metaphysical answer, that the source of inspiration (a.k.a. ideas) is divine-based. Books like Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Talks with Great Composers by Arthur M. Abell support this side.

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So what did I decide? Ultimately, I believe ideas are God’s gifts to keep us aimed toward our purpose. BUT we have to say yes to both the ideas and the steps leading to them. In my own life, without saying yes to the crazy idea of attending life-transforming coaching school, I wouldn’t have had the right background experiences to receive the “Be Present. Be Grateful.” idea nor to be its caretaker. And I wouldn’t be part of a synergistic group of coaches who are continually putting good into the world.

Bottom line, we have free will, and if we choose not to do the work we’re not going to see the payout. That’s how I see it. But maybe the more important question to ask isn’t “where does our voice come from?” but instead “what do we do with our voices?”

And that’s one I can answer, no heavy thinking necessary: We Spread Peace.

Has inspiration visited you lately? If so, how do you plan to bring your idea to life? Leave a comment below!


  1. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    Ideas…do I catch or create them…

    So many possibilities I could approach this, but the answer that comes to mind occurs during the night…when I get myself completely and entirely alone in my writing room…my husband being used to my late night scribblings, respects that time I need…yes, it is on those occasions that my ideas flow best…how and when these ideas come, I really could not answer that nor can I force myself to do so…for some, it is very hard to have ideas…hard to put themselves out there…very hard to be vulnerable…I always see that those people who are achievers, thinkers, explorers, and creators who do…and they speak out…they voice out their ideas…

    I consider myself as an explorer representing part of humanity…the greatest contribution I can do is to bring ideas…new ideas…and with these ideas I can create or initiate a change that could eventually be a lasting change…it can take only one voice…a voice with the right pitch…to make an impact…towards a cause…I do not need to be the loudest voice or the most popular…yet in the most crucial moment, I can be an effective voice for the voiceless…an effective hope of the hopeless…

    When I started writing about my experiences, I never thought I was impacting many people in my environment…friends…family…and eventually admirers…when I stopped writing for two years, I realized how much one word…a sentence…a phrase…a statement meant to them…I came out of hiatus and started writing again…I called my idea of writing as “inspiring through experience”…it is now blended in the “a creative journey through life”…did I catch this idea or did I create it? Maybe one way to explain this is that I caught an idea and through executing such an idea made me create it…if that makes sense at all…

    Inf. Maria Cecilia Victoria
    – A Creative Journey Through Life –

  2. weboldsouls says:

    Maria, thanks for your insight on this! You’re right, you still have to make tremendous effort to form that captured idea into a creation to share with the world.

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