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The Podcast Edition (a.k.a. Screen Break)

How are you?

That may seem like a loaded question these days, but it’s also a reminder that even we caretakers need to be cared for. Because if we let our emotions and worries go unaddressed, we can’t give our best to those who need us.

Dealing with emotions is just one of the topics I covered as a guest on the podcast Intentional Conversations with Melanie Scott (available anywhere you listen to podcasts, episode #46, or on her website). What I love about her show is that it feels like an organic conversation . . . because it is!

I also give guidance on using presence and gratitude to persevere through this collective challenge (or any individual challenge you’re facing) as well as kid-friendly mindfulness activities that will keep us all mentally healthy and grounded.

And if you only have a few minutes to listen, make sure to catch my take on ideas and worries. I talk about what they need from us and how we can visualize their movement to help us let go when it’s time. (Minute 26 is a good place to jump in for this part.)

Remember, you’re a bold soul exactly where you’re meant to be. And I’m so grateful to be there with you.

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