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The Things We Leave Behind

What are you leaving behind?

It was her pair of black sandals that initially made me pause. I could remember her wearing them at family gatherings and now they lay on the floor, resting indefinitely.

But it was more than the shoes.

My husband’s grandparents’ home was filled with things Grandmother had left behind when she recently passed away—papers, clothes, quilting projects, and even a pie crust patiently awaiting its filling in the freezer.

But it was more than these items, too.

It was the things she’d been leaving behind for years, though you’d never see them stacked in a corner or overflowing from a box. In fact, you couldn’t see them at all.

They’re the same things each of us leaves behind after every encounter with another:


Ever been near a toxic person and felt their negativity still surrounding you even after they’d left? That’s the energy they’ve so “graciously” left behind for you.

But positive energy works the same way—like a fairy sprinkling pixie dust, we can spread goodness by the energy we leave behind.


Though our words sound only briefly, they linger in the air. If they’re positive, people may pack them up for later inspiration.

But negative talk doesn’t wait to be gathered; it often hitches a ride to another, weighing him or her down and impacting that person’s future actions.

Our left-behind words create a ripple effect; will it be positive or negative?


Consider the stuff of moments—Energy paints the setting and Impact writes the plot. Together, they create a memory.

Now, reach way back for some well-worn ones. Did you intentionally preserve these memories or have they latched on? Think of how long they’ve lasted, formed in part from bits another left behind, and how that broadens our responsibility to each other.

Lucky for the world, Grandmother decided she would be a force for good. Because of that, she blessed so many with her loving energy and gentle yet powerfully-positive impact. The key is in the decision—we get to decide how Energy and Impact will help write the stories of life surrounding us.

So . . . what will you leave behind?

We all have lessons learned from loss; would you like to share yours below?

And for more on things left behind, check out this post from May, “Reclaim and Release–Two Steps Towards Your Dreams.”


  1. Maria Cecilia Victoria says:

    “What will I leave behind…”

    Living life at its moment of impact…that is how life should be lived…for moments, when they are lost, they cannot be found again…and often enough, the biggest regrets are not for the things that we have done, but for the things we have not done…lost possibilities…lost opportunities…feelings we can never get back…that is part of what it means to live…but, there will always be new opportunities…new possibilities…new feelings…I take the time to live life at this very moment…I do not let another moments to memories pass me by…

    ~ Inf. Maria Cecilia Victoria
    ~ A Creative Journey Through Life ~

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