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Time Flying By? Catch it Mid-Air with This Invention

One irresistible time trap!

It’s coming quickly—are you ready?

It’s almost September! That’s right, month 9 of 12.

Sorry to speed your mind to Halloween and beyond, but I’ve been thinking about time lately.

I think it’s because now is when life seems to get away from us—the school year’s settled into its routine, the household is back on “ordinary” time, and we’re focused on making it through the week.

Or maybe time’s been getting the best of us since January, but we only realize it as we head into the “ber’s”—those months that slide us to the year’s conclusion.

So is it possible to slow time?

No. But it IS possible to adjust our experience of it, which makes all the difference. And that brings us to a first for this blog…a craft project!



  • A box
  • Fun wrapping paper or embellishments
  • Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head parts
  • Your inner child—I use a time trap as one of the props in my kids’ program. They love it and I think 7-year-old you will, too.



1)  Decorate the box to create an irresistible gift package.

2)  Add Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head eyes, ear, nose, mouth (any part you’ve got), and hand.


How to Use:

1)  Each morning randomly pick a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head part and let the focus of that day be on the corresponding sense. (eyes=sight, ear=sound, nose=smell, mouth=taste, hand=touch/feel)

So if I pick the ear on morning one, I’d focus as much as possible that day on the sounds that fill my space.

2)  Now I realize you’re not going to do this every moment. But whenever it pops into your head or you’re trying to center yourself, just focus on the sense of the day.

3)  What you notice—a.k.a. what you’ve been missing—will floor you!


Why It Works:

  • Who wouldn’t like to open a gift each morning? It’s a perfect enticement for kids and grown-up kids to stick with this project for the full five days.
  • Paying attention to your body is a quick and easy way to get present—it pulls you back from the future and forward from the past.
  • Focusing on the present creates distinct moments. So instead of your days and weeks running together, you’re trapping time by the moment. This allows you to experience each and hopefully feel grateful too.
  • Focusing on the present links you to that moment. It’s like saying at the end of the day, “Hey, today was Wednesday, August 29th and I was here. I have all these moments I experienced as proof.”


Yesterday I spent time alternating my attention between sound, sight and feel (sound and feel are my favorites). It was crazy how many new things I sensed! And I spent most of the day in my own home, a place I should know every detail of.

Okay, so we’ve got four months left in 2018—that’s a lot of moments to trap. So grab your supplies and let’s catch some time!

(And if you want to make sure you’re spending these four months on your priorities, check out this previous blog post Twelve Questions to Get Your Personal Priorities on the Schedule.)

Ready to try your own time trap? Share the details below!


  1. Terry says:

    Great idea! You make these blogs sound so easy to do but it is hard to actually live it. I guess I’m not being “present” enough. I usually think of a positive take away from something after the fact of losing my cool. 😬. Is there a secret to your success?

    • weboldsouls says:

      Terry, there’s a quote by Richard Bach that says “We teach best what we most need to learn.” Believe me, I’m learning right along with you!

      There’s also a gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, and while I’ve been successful at partly closing that gap, I still work at it daily. Sometimes it’s a struggle to live the “Be Present. Be Grateful.” way, but the payoffs make me keep coming back, however imperfectly I might have executed the philosophy the previous day.

      The fact that you’re able to find something positive, even if it is after the fact, shows your progress and committment. You’re a bold soul, so keep going!

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