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Truth AND Dare: How a Little Dare Led to a Big Truth About Connection


Captured Truths

It started as a dare to myself and my social media world to joyfully jump into some life-expanding thing that we couldn’t wait to do. And then see what happens…

I chose to revisit my copy of Smart Women Read between the Lines, a journal of books read, books to read, and favorite book insights. I haven’t added to the journal in probably five years, except to maybe check off a book read. But it’s a favorite indulgence of mine, to re-read quotes I had found impactful enough to hand write.

And this is what I saw, a line from A Portrait by Guy de Maupassant:

“There are barriers set between all human beings, and these yield only one by one, as they are unlocked by the key of sympathy, or similar tastes, or harmony of intellectual culture, or constant association.”

Which reminded me of another favorite quote, a Chinese proverb Laura Schroff included in her book An Invisible Thread:

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”


It got me thinking, how many “invisible thread meetings” have I botched because I didn’t try to unlock a barrier? Countless times I’ve failed to take a conversation any deeper than a “hi, how are you?” And other times I’ve felt that someone needed support but I was scared to reach out. Not to mention those events filled with people I find intellectually stimulating, but for which I somehow also find excuses to skip.

Will I get a second chance to meet those people and use the keys I always possess? Will any of us get a re-do?

While I don’t have the answer to those questions, I’ll offer up a solution for all those “invisible thread meetings” yet to happen. And this time, it’s a quote of my own:

“Presence is a sign of reverence for the people and circumstances before us, an acknowledgement that this moment holds purpose.”

Be present with those whose paths you cross, and the purpose will reveal itself. Then, my bold souls, it’s time to act.

How will you unlock a barrier to connecting with another? Let us know with a comment below and start connecting now! https://weboldsouls.com/community-connection/


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