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Two Essentials for Compelling the Hurricane Within

“The Hurricane Within”

Catastrophic, devastating, monstrous—all labels we’d use for hurricanes. But couldn’t we also use the following?

Strong. Resilient. Capable.

Qualities we humans covet.

So how about compelling a hurricane within ourselves that instead of destruction, leaves goodness in its wake? One built on strength, resilience, and capability.

My instincts say it’s possible, especially when we check out these facts:

    • Hurricanes form over warm water.1
    • Humans are up to 60% warm water.2

See? The science suggests that, just like hurricanes, we’re primed to become forces of nature. But without the following two essentials, it’s not happening for the storms . . . or for us:

    1.  Input.
    2.  Output.


Hurricanes need warm, moist air to survive and grow. 1 And we all know the essentials for the human body’s survival. But what do we need to compel a force-for-good hurricane within?

Imagine an endless buffet of food for the spirit—things that bring us joy, energize us, or awaken our drive. Just like a traditional buffet, we’re not going to sample everything nor are we going to like everything we try.

Our favorites are going to make us feel strong, give us the energy to persevere, and align naturally with our inherent abilities and purpose. These are the “foods” that’ll grow us—snack on them often.


Hurricanes work by replacing the evaporating warm air from the ocean’s surface with fresh, cooler air that “swirls in.” 1 This repeated action, combined with newly-formed clouds of cooling evaporated air, creates a formidable storm. 1

But without this output of evaporating air, there’s no hurricane. Output allows input.

It’s the same with humans, except the output is our offerings to the world:

  •  Ideas.
  •  Creations.
  •  Solutions.
  •  Businesses.
  •  Compassion.
  •  Service.
  •  Love.

If we refuse to free these offerings—our spirit’s unique goodness—there’s no room for new “food” to swirl in. We grow weaker, miss opportunities to strengthen our resilience, and begin doubting our capabilities.

Essentially, we starve the hurricane that had begun stirring, downgrading ourselves to just a light shower.

We each have a hurricane within us. All it takes to compel it is the two essentials of input and output. So the question is:

Will you be a strong, resilient, capable, force-for-good or just a brief drizzle?

Interestingly, this is the second time hurricanes have appeared in my blog in just two weeks. Just feeling the force of nature on my side, I suppose!

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