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Ready to stop wishing life away and start appreciating each moment? 

Curious how to focus on the present instead of last week’s problem or next month’s worry?

Longing for a method to persevere when triggers try to set you off?

Desperate to turn an “everyday” life into a purposeful life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider how you’re showing up for life. Our presence, mindset, and actions affect those we love. We can do better for them and for ourselves.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use presence and gratitude to finally bring balance to your inner and outer worlds. Here’s what you’ll gain:

Kirkwood Public Library Mindfulness Workshop
  • Five tools to help you be present.
  • Insight into your habits around presence.
  • The process for being grateful in any situation, not just the good ones.
  • The crystal ball concept of creating peace.
  • A three-part script for crafting respectful conversations, even when you’re feeling triggered.
  • A three-step approach for building perseverance on your path to purpose.
  • Two clues to uncover and live your purposes.

Who is this presentation for?

  • Women’s professional groups.
  • Stay-at-home parent groups.
  • Working parent groups.
  • Teachers.
  • Companies ready to deepen their culture (offer a lunch-n-learn!).
  • Faith-based groups.
  • Retreat staff and attendees.
  • This talk is for you if your group identifies with one of the following:
    • Sometimes mindfulness feels a little cold or detached but the benefits seem nice.
    • Books and presentations are great, but I’m tired of just listening to people talk and walking away with no practical tools (or practice) to help me actually make a change.
    • I don’t want to commit to a six-week course.
    • I don’t want to spend a lot.

The details:

  • This is an interactive talk, with built-in time for journaling, follow-up discussion, and practice.
  • Length is about 60 minutes, depending on how lively the discussion.
  • To sample my speaking style, check out my latest video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgCqXBRj984&t=85s 

Email or call/text for pricing & availability, because living with peace and purpose isn’t a luxury. A quick email (angela@weboldsouls.com) or phone call/text (314-649-7098) gets you one step closer…  


**With each program purchased, we’ll donate a second program to an underserved classroom.**

Imagine being a kid today. Scary, right? But also full of possibility. But then there’s all those tempting distractions. But those distractions represent such abundance. See where I’m going? There’s this seesawing between the positive and negative, the peaks and valleys of life that exist for all of us, kids included. 

To see beauty and purpose in these highs and lows and to stay grounded through it all requires presence and gratitude. But how do we convey this very adult concept to kids?

Pumpkin the Turkey patiently awaiting his turn.

Through PLAY!

Presence and gratitude may be big concepts, but add a movement game and pique their curiosity with an irresistibly wrapped gift, and you’ve got an engaged classroom.  

Why am I so passionate about sharing this message with kids? Because I want to see all kids on equal footing. I hate that there is such inequality in this world, especially concerning children. And though I can’t fix the problem completely, I want to do my part. I want to share what I’ve learned, things that aren’t likely to make it into any curriculum but that are necessary for a thriving existence. And that’s why I feel compelled to serve.

Here’s what your kids will learn:

  • Mindfulness–why is it so hard?
  • What does our new superpower symbol have to do with mindfulness?
  • What tools do we already have to keep us present? (Activity)
  • How do we practice gratitude in the moment? (A game with a twist!)
  • How can being present and grateful help us on the playground, at home, in school?
  • If we could create our own superpower mindfulness symbol, what would it look like and why? (An optional art project).
  • How can we use presence and gratitude to create peace & purpose in those places we’re struggling? (A discussion & journal activity, grades 3-5).
  • Each child gets a “Be Present. Be Grateful.” sticker, to keep as a reminder of their unalienable power to live mindfully.

The details:

  • Perfect for Kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • Length is ~20 minutes (K-grade 2), 30 minutes (grades 3-5). The art project adds ~15 minutes to these lengths. 
  • This talk is for your class if you identify with the following:
    • I know my kids deal with lots of distractions; I want to help them focus.
    • I wish I could do more for my kids who are struggling inside and outside of the classroom.
    • If I’m taking time away from required learning, its replacement better be something that’ll stick with the kids. (See Testimonials)
    • I don’t have much funding for extras.
    • I don’t have much free time for extras.
    • As a class, we’d like to do something nice for a classroom in need (your purchase does this!) 

Email or call/text for pricing & availability and book your program today; let’s give our kids the tools to see the possibilities within. A quick email (angela@weboldsouls.com) or phone call/text (314-649-7098) gets you one step closer…