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How do you remember to do something? You write it down, right? I know it’s hard to execute on all that self-improvement knowledge moment-by-moment, so I’m giving you the ultimate reminder to be present and grateful. STICKERS!

The first sticker design! Any ideas for the next batch?

Maybe it’s a visceral connection to our childhoods or the calm we feel slowly peeling off the back, but paper that can stick is playful. And that’s why stickers are the star of this project.

Why This Project?

I’m passionate about you living a full, joyful, peaceful life by practicing presence and gratitude. Why? Because this mindset fosters love and leads to the discovery and living of your purposes.  

What’s The Purpose?

Two, actually. The first is to spread the “Be Present. Be Grateful.” message. The second is to map the global network of bold souls, to power connections for the common good.

How Does It Work?

Mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I’ll send you two FREE stickers! Snap a photo of your sticker in its new home, upload to Facebook or Instagram, and include the following:

  • @weboldsouls
  • #BePresentBeGrateful
  • Sticker’s city & country.

I’ll track the message’s movement on a map so we can watch together as this once invisible network of beautiful souls steps into the light.

Where To Post?

My intention for each sticker is that it reaches the people who most need its message, whether that’s you or the general public. Just give it a dry home! 

Here are some favorite ideas:

  • Tuck inside a baby shower, wedding, or graduation card.
  • Share with someone who’s struggling.
  • Post in your home’s high-traffic spot (refrigerator, entryway, family calendar, bathroom mirror).
  • Inspire your coworkers with one on the microwave.
  • Add to a “companion item” (cell phone case, daily planner, wallet, laptop, backpack).
  • Stick in places you’ll need encouragement (laundry room, car dashboard, cleaning supply closet, work cubicle, even on a broom handle).
  • One for you, one for your town! (library, bus stop, coffeehouse)

Grab your stickers and let me know which places you’re inspired to post!