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Your Sign Awaits—Here’s Where to Find It

Look up.

We’ve been looking way up for ages: the ancient Greeks with constellations, the wise men with the Star of Bethlehem, and sailors with their “red sky at night” adage.

So what have we been looking for all this time?


Maybe these signs have given an understanding of the world or a direction to follow or even a clue to the weather. But, lacking words, it’s been our responsibility to assign meaning.

Which brings me to a sign that’s been puzzling me the past few weeks . . .

Orion, the constellation, has been perfectly framed by my bathroom skylight. We’re talking a perfect view.

So how do I know this is a sign?

Well, late one night as I was leaving the bathroom, I sensed that I should stop and look up through the window. And there it was, Orion in all his glory, directly above my bathtub.

But what’s funny is that I’ve lived in my house for almost four years and have never before noticed this constellation.

So what does this sign mean?

First, I googled the man we call Orion. But that’s where it got tricky. My research found differing stories of Orion’s legend and why he’s forever in our night sky. But a lot of what I found portrayed him as a jerk.

Which was the opposite of my hopes when I’d begun this research. See, I wanted this sign to be an omen signaling a spectacular 2020.

But what does a man who potentially made inappropriate advances on a woman or who possibly threatened to kill all wild animals mean for my life?

And perhaps more importantly, have I continuously failed for four years to stop and look through my window to the heavens? Have I been oblivious to my surroundings all this time?

Or have I only been looking for what I wanted to see?

I mean, I’ve looked through the skylight to see the moon many times. But maybe I’ve always had a lunar agenda. Maybe I’ve never looked up just to look up.

It’s in my nature to search for significance in everything, which is why the puzzling Orion sign has led me to these two conclusions:

1–Stop forcing things to wrap up neatly before they’re ready. Sometimes, reasons and meanings reveal themselves slowly. Just be content with what is. (a.k.a. Enjoy the constellation because it’s beautiful.)

2–Millions of people before me have awed at Orion and those yet to come will do the same. He’ll mean different things to many and nothing at all to many more. But he’s up there anyway, night after night.

As for humans, our lives unfortunately last only a fraction of a constellation’s. Which makes it even more important to shine our brightest, day after day. Some may not notice us, just like with Orion, but it’s our job to shine for those who do. (a.k.a. Give your all to those you’re meant to serve.)

Remember, your sign’s out there. Just look up every now and then. From your phones, from your daily checklists, from your worries and regrets.

Look up to see the world and the heavens, stay patiently open to meaning, and appreciate the wonder of it all. Or in other words . . .  

“Be Present. Be Grateful.”

What’s the most puzzling or helpful sign you’ve received? Share your story below!

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